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Crossinform iProcessor

...t information processing and moderation featuring the following software products: Crossinform iProcessor Service A configurable premoderation service that performs real-time monitoring of information input in an Internet resource. Its operation logic is as follows: before information is posted on a customer’s ...


...s forms authentication and Windows authentication, URL authorization, membership and roles, output and data caching, session and profile state management, health monitoring, the configuration system, and the provider architecture. See


...t along with significant savings. We developed a full range of products for vitualization: tools for management, protection, backup, and monitoring of a Microsoft Hyper-V based virtual infrastructure. Our solutions operate both in time-proven Windows Server 2008 and recently released ...

Monitoring Systems

The main purpose of IT infrastructure monitoring (server and network monitoring) is to provide data for subsequent processing and analysis from the viewpoint of current business processes ...

Security Systems

...n in computer systems: Regular information backup. Effective antivirus protection. Network firewall. Distribution of user access rights in LAN. Internet traffic monitoring. Mail traffic monitoring. Cryptographic data protection and user authentication. Crossinform has competencies in practically all these fields. Our ...


...m software development for Microsoft server OS. Our portfolio contains the following applications:    - information security,    - monitoring,    - backup,    - Hyper-V.

Text Mining

...e products that solve the following problems: Text topic determination. Emotional coloring identification. Web text mining by interesting topic or particular monitoring object. Automatic moderation.


...t factor for the success of each of our projects is our competence in organizing development processes, project management, and risk monitoring. Crossinform is a Microsoft partner with the Software Development competency.


...e an expert in the field of business application development. Realize your potential in the area of system software (virtualization, encryption, monitoring, and so on) Master the latest technology (.NET, C++, SQL, etc.). Become a recognized professional in your field. Develop your ...

Antivirus Module Integration Completed

...a special-purpose antivirus module for the integrated solution of Hyper-V infrastructure multi-level security. The system also features modules for filtering and monitoring of the network traffic, load balancing for scanning, a threat detection system, etc.

Customer: a well-known company, one of the leaders ...