Crossinform iProcessor

With our Crossinform Internet Processor (Crossinform iProcessor) technology, you can solve the problem of moderation of your Internet resource interactive content: forums, blogs, chats, and feeds for comments.

About Moderation

Without diminishing the opportunities that the Internet provides to us, it should be noted that its transparency and uncontrollability make it quite easy for users to add any information to the content of interactive Web pages, including profanities, rude insults, spam, incitement to violence, and so on.

Hence, many organizations, realizing  the necessity of control over the content of their own Internet resources, use content filters of input information or moderator services. Our preliminary surveys show that currently used content filters (including those integrated into popular content management systems) incorporate elementary text processing logic and can screen only profanities without taking into account the morphology of a language and possible intentional distortions. Hired moderators are a good solution of the problem, yet, like any hired employees, they imply significant financial costs.

Crossinform iProcessor is a unique technology of text information processing and moderation featuring the following software products:

Crossinform iProcessor Service

A configurable premoderation service that performs real-time monitoring of information input in an Internet resource. Its operation logic is as follows: before information is posted on a customer’s Internet resource, it is processed by the portal tools, upon which a decision is made on whether it meets the preset conditions and can be posted.

Crossinform iProcessor Server

In addition to running on an Internet portal, services can be deployed on a client company’s dedicated server as an end-user server solution.

Crossinform iProcessor SDK

The library of moderation tools iProcessor SDK enables integration into existing information solutions of a customer.

Project Status

The project is currently in the final development phase.

So far, you can test the operation of a part of the functional kernel at via simple demo cases:

1. To check a separate phrase, enter it in the field at the top of the page and click Check phrase. The system kernel will perform morhophological analysis of each word in the phrase and return the result on a separate page. To test the algorithm at phrase input, you can use transliteration and other intentional distortions. For example:

  • K@che#stvo
  • MO/\ogo}I{eHbI
  • }|{eludo4ek

2. To check a separate URL, enter it in the field at the top of the page and click Check URL. The crawler will extract all text information from the specified Internet resource, process and output it on a separate page.

For detailed description of the project services and products and their architecture, please visit

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