Text Mining

Анализ текстов

Crossinform has a competency in the field of text data processing. The iProcessor technology is designed by our specialists for automatic moderation of content of Internet resources. It is based on the unique solutions for automatic generation and management of dictionaries for language groups with such morphological methods of word formation as suffixal, prefixal, non-affixal, postfixal, and methods of word modification through postfix inflections. In particular, the Slavic languages refer to this group of languages.

Through automatic processing of text data arrays, a morphological dictionary is generated and links are created between close word forms. Afterwards, the dictionary can be edited manually/automatically. Such a method of dictionary creation helps cover not only already known word forms, but also neologisms, modern jagon and slang words. The use of a Web crawler automates the process of finding new popular words.

The iProcessor technology was developed with the assistance of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology.

Our findings and experince allow us to develop software products that solve the following problems:

  • Text topic determination.
  • Emotional coloring identification.
  • Web text mining by interesting topic or particular monitoring object.
  • Automatic moderation.

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