Security Systems

Fighting against the risk of information loss is one of the highest priorities of any business. A high value of information makes it necessary to ensure its confidentiality, integrity, and availability, as well as operability of automated systems. Loss of confidentiality leads to economic and image losses and, in some cases, poses a threat of disclosing trade or state secrets.

The following basic information security measures are taken in computer systems:

  • Regular information backup.
  • Effective antivirus protection.
  • Network firewall.
  • Distribution of user access rights in LAN.
  • Internet traffic monitoring.
  • Mail traffic monitoring.
  • Cryptographic data protection and user authentication.


Crossinform has competencies in practically all these fields. Our portfolio includes creation of brand firewalls, partner API-based antivirus programes, traffic filtering and parental control systems, as well as integrated information security systems, including those for virtual environments.

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