Today, is the most popular platform among CRM solutions worldwide. Its flexible and scalable architecture, rich integration features, and a great many of off-the-shelf components have made a de facto standard among CRM systems.

Over 100,000 companies worldwide have chosen the solution. The world’s leaders in a variety of industries, the largest banks and financial institutions trust to store data on its customers.


CRM solutions built on are implemented in a short time. They start bringing tangible benefits immediately and, what is of great importance, make it unnecessary to purchase hardware and system software. The TCO of a CRM solution based on is much lower than that of a traditional CRM solution.

At the same time, development of customized solutions based on the platform, integration into existing systems of a company, and data migration require good knowledge of the platform and experience in performing integration.

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Crossinform employees have all necessary skills to implement development projects based on the platform. We can make any updates taking into account a customer’s requirements and its business specifics.

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