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Crosspoint is a multifunctional platform that can be used to build corporate portals. Its modular structure and user-friendly interface provide for scalability of portals to be used by companies of different size and structure.

The current set of modules includes:

  • Management of users, roles, and permission settings.
  • Event logging.
  • Website content management, news, blogs, and comments.
  • Messaging system (intranet, e-mail, including an integrated mail server).
  • Shared work on documents, easily configurable and integrated with any customized modules.

The set of platform modules is continuously extended. Any modules can be added to the system on a customer’s request. This makes the platform much more flexible as compared to other solutions designed for building corporate portals, such as SharePoint.


Today, Microsoft SharePoint is the most popular platform used for intranet portal creation. This web platform is so widely used thanks to its architecture that enables flexible scaling of the portal structure and content. The modular content management system allows adding/removing different modules independently of each other. Its user-friendly interface allows editing portal pages like Word documents. Integration into MS Office enables operations on documents through Web interface.

Solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint technology provide full automation of the following business processes of a company:

  • document flow
  • logistics
  • customer and partner relations
  • resource management
  • data storage
  • budgeting and financial planning
  • contract management
  • project management
  • data search

Sharepoint Portal

Crossinform offers a full range of services for the development and implementation of corporate portals based on Microsoft SharePoint, including integration with a company’s existing systems.

These services include:

  • Research and analysis of a company’s needs and development of a solution concept.
  • Design of information and technical structures.
  • Development of additional modules: directory of employees, contract management, KPI, document approval, and so on.
  • Update and setup of existing modules.
  • Integration with existing information sources and systems, for example, SAP R/3, 1C, Exchange Server, Microsoft Office, Oracle DB, and so on.
  • Import of data from file servers, Exchange Server, Microsoft Access, and so on.
  • Training of employees and technical staff on how to work with the system.
  • Analysis of the use of the system and integrated applications, expansion of capabilities.
  • 24x7 system technical support.
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