Crossinform is interested in recruiting professional and talented people. We regularly invest in the professional development of our employees, encourage and support reasonable initiatives and innovations. We approve and sponsor certification of our staff. Practically all Crossinform employees are Microsoft certified professionals. Together with Crossinform you can:
  • Become an expert in the field of business application development.
  • Realize your potential in the area of system software (virtualization, encryption, monitoring, and so on)
  • Master the latest technology (.NET, C++, SQL, etc.).
  • Become a recognized professional in your field.
  • Develop your managerial competence.

Crossinform is a rapidly developing company. With us, your career path may quickly lead you from a trainee to a senior specialist or area manager. Everyone can choose his/her own professional field: technology expertise, project management, system architecture design, consulting, marketing, and sales.

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